1935 Cedrus Yearbook

First row: B. Wallace, Spencer, Long, Gordon, W. Waddle, E. Reed. Second row: E. Corry, Donaldson. TENNIS '34-35 The tennis team which was ably captained by Harriman, met with some stiff competition in the season's schedule in 1933-34, winding up with a hard-fought victory over Wilmington on Cedar Day. Nevertheless, the team has lined up under the leadership of Harriman and another difficult schedule for the spring has been ar- ranged; meeting Antioch, Bluffton, Otterbein, Wilbereforce, Defiance, and Wil- mington. A bright future seems to be near for the tennis team, due to the added interest that has been shown by the student body. There were several new faces and many old ones: on the court last fall; and among these was some very promising material. In addition to the members of last year's squad (Waddle, Corry, Donaldson, Spencer, Harriman, and Harry Wallace) there are several others who will participate in the matches: Eugene Reed, Byron Wallace, Joseph Long and Herbert Cummings. SCHEDULE AND SCORES FOR 1934 At Antioch Cedarville 3 Antioch 4 At Otterbein Cedarville 2 Otterbein 5 At Wilmington Cedarville 5 Wilmington 2 At Cedarville Cedarville 4 Wilmington 3 At Cedarville Cedarville 2 Antioch 5 Page fifty-two