1935 Cedrus Yearbook

CHEERLEADERS Whenever there's a sport where yelling is needed one can always find someone willing to yell. This is what our two cheerleaders, "Bill" Waddle and Harry Sinks, found out at the opening basketball game this year, When Harry said, "Everybody, the Skyrocket", we were all ready to whistle and open our throats for a good long yell. "Bill" could bring out a sound from the deepest bass to the highest soprano. As Dr. Mac would say, "It's his exuberant nature that makes 'Bill' so full of pep." Although the boys' team was successful in winning a few games this year, I think they will have to credit some of them to the spirit shown by the students who at- tended. ZZZZZZZZZZ C-E-D-A-R-V-I-L-L-E BOOM! C-E-D-A-R-V-I-L-L -E Ah C-E-D-A-R-V-I-L-L-E Yea, Cedarville Cedarville—RAH Orange and Blue, Fight, Fight Orange and Blue, Fight, Fight Who Fight? You Fight! Orange and Blue, Fight, Fight When you're up, you're up, When you're down, you're down, When Cedarville meets you You're upside down. Cheerleaders . . . SINKS and WADDLE Page fifty-three