1935 Cedrus Yearbook

CANDY KITCHEN "Best Candy in Town" XENIA OHIO HARDWARE TIN SHOP A.E.HUEY ROOFING AND REPAIR WORK Phone 2-128 CEDARVILLE OHIO CROUSE'S GROCERY STORE FRUIT — MEAT — VEGETABLES PHONE 40 CEDARVILLE OHIO Oct. 31. 12:00 A. M.—Bossy in the Gym. McClain and hiscohorts foiled. Oct. 31. Spooks, witches, and what have you. Nov. 4. Men's Bible Reading Contest. An Angell first. Nov. II. Armistice. Monks at Dayton and Xenia. Nov. 28. 4:00 P. M. Thanksgiving vacation. Everyone going home for the thigh. Nov. 29. Turkey and such. Tummy ache? Cedrus Play—Bachelor House. Were those professors roped in! C. C.feminine songsters go to Carlisle. Basketball season opens. C. C. 29, Third Lutheran 18. Goody for our side. Dec. 20. Whoopee! Christmas Vacation! Dear old Santa Claus is coming to town! Jan. 5. Helen Baker becomes Mrs. Vanderpool. Jan. 7. Helen takes a cattle car ride. Dec. 4. Dec. 9. Dec. 18. A philanthropist is a man who takes from one set of people and gives it to another. MAIN 114 XENIA NATIONAL BANK XENIA, OHIO MAIN AND DETROIT Page seventy