1935 Cedrus Yearbook

PHOTOGRAPHY THE PICTURE SHOP Yellow Springs, Ohio AXEL BAHNSEN Phone 107 Consider tk poor fish—if he didn't open his mouth he icouldn't get caught., Jan. 8. School again. Back to the long grind. Exams ahead. Jan. 15-17. Woe were we. Professors ask too many questions. Semester exams. Wonder if I flunked? Jan. 21. Second semester registration. Hinton returns. Enrollment increases. Day of Prayer. Chestnut speaks. No school. Homecoming. We lose to Defiance. Tough break! Encounter Bluffton on the hardwood. C. C.-37, Bluffton-38. What, again? C. C.-29, Rio Grande-3I. Curses! Glee Club sings at Dayton. Advertise the college, girls. C. C. at Wilberforce. C. C.—I9, Wilberforce-40. Oh, well, such is life! Feb. 22. Washington's birthday. No school. Feb. 22-23. Debate teams go to North Manchester to engage in verbal combat. We win 5 out of 10. Feb. I. Feb. 2. Feb. 9. Feb. 16. Feb. 17. Feb. 19. Page seventy-one