Cedarville Magazine, Fall 2023

Christian universities hold a unique position in higher education when it comes to athletics. We strive not only to nurture intellectual growth but also deepen student-athletes’ relationship with Christ. We stand firm in this conviction even when our biblical principles intersect with the evolving currents of modern culture displayed in the world of athletics. As the athletic director at Cedarville University, I have been privileged to witness our student-athletes navigating the intricate relationship between these cultural elements and demonstrating Christ’s love through the demands of athletic competition. WHO WE ARE Cedarville stands out as an institution that boldly upholds its identity and values amidst the changing tides of culture. The University's commitment to the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ serves as a guiding light for our athletic programs. Our challenge is to remain steadfast in integrating faith and values into every facet of athletics. Our mission in the athletic department is to commission studentathletes to impact the world for Christ. Our athletic department values challenge our student-athletes to Compete for Christ, Contend for Championships, and look for ways to Change the Sport Culture. Cedarville's emphasis on discipling students extends particularly into our athletic endeavors. In a culture often fixated on individual success, Cedarville's distinctive approach to student-athlete development involves nurturing not only exceptional players, but also Christlike leaders. We do this by instilling virtues such as humility, integrity, and servant leadership. ENGAGING CULTURE Cedarville Athletics faces the challenge of maintaining ethical integrity in a highly competitive sports environment. Athletic success can tempt ATHLETICS AT THE CROSSROADS OF CULTURE: A PERSPECTIVE FROM THE CEDARVILLE UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC DIRECTOR BY CHRIS CROSS YELLOW JACKET SPORTS 34