Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

26 | Co-curricular Life How do I know if I have been approved by Cedarville to participate in Study Abroad? Once you complete all the necessary paperwork, have been through an interview with Study Abroad, and have all forms turned into Study Abroad, youwill receive notice as to whether or not you have been approved by Cedarville to participate in a program. Approval is based on the following criteria: ■ A grade point average of 3.0 or above. ■ You are not currently on conduct probation or subject to being placed on conduct probation. ■ Acceptable faculty recommendations (one from your advisor and one from a faculty member who has had you in class). ■ You have adequate financial aid to cover necessary expenses, and cover any previous balances on your account. Completed and signed Study Abroad application and behavior contract. Acceptance into individual programs is at the discretion of that program. What will a typical week look like while I am studying abroad? Depending on the programyou attend, youwill be expected to complete as much academic work (in terms of quantity) as youwould on campus. However, youmay also have long weekends to travel in the semester long programs. Take this advice frompast students--make sure you are caught up on your academic work before you travel. This way youwill not fall behind onwork. Students typically study Monday through Fridaymorning, and travel onweekends. Canmy parents come visit me when I amparticipating in a study abroad? Parents are welcome to visit the study abroad sites after the first month. Many programs have a scheduled break in the semester, whichwould be a good time for a visit. They can stay at nearby hotels or bed-and-breakfasts. Parents should be advised that youmight not havemuch time to spendwith themduring other times in the semester.