Cedarville 2024 Parent Guidebook

Co-curricular Life | 27 Global Outreach Global Outreach exists to prepare and organize the Cedarville University community to know, live, and share the Gospel. This is accomplished through locating opportunities and recruiting, equipping, and sending students, faculty, and staff to serve across the street or across the ocean. Global Outreach at Cedarville equips you for lifelong leadership and service through partnerships with local churches, community organizations, and missions. These volunteerministry opportunities provide a context where you’ll apply what you learn in chapel and the classroomandmake a powerful impact for Christ as youmeet real needs in our surrounding communities and the world. Youwill have the opportunity to serve locally throughweekly volunteerministry teams or through short-termmission trips. Local Church Ministry Teams All Cedarville students are expected tomaintain the spiritual discipline of attending weekly corporate worship at a local church. We also seek to encourage students to take the next step and get involved in serving at their local church. The local churchministry teams listed here: cedarville.edu/local-ministries, provide youwith the opportunity to serve local churches throughAwana, children’s ministries, nursery, Sunday school, youth, or worshipministries. Community Outreach Teams The communities surrounding Cedarville contain hospitals, detention centers, faith-basedministries, andmany other types of organizations with volunteer needs whichmay bemet by Cedarville students who desire to serve. The community outreach teams listed on this website provide youwith the opportunity to serve in a variety of areas whichmay relate to your area of study, personal interests, talents, or experience. Contact Global Outreach Email: globaloutreach@cedarville.edu Phone: 937-766-7609