Torch, Spring 1994

What About The Church? There is no other organization that relies solely on the stewardship of others like the local church. Its vitality is based in part on its members giving of their time, talents, money, and energy. As a pastor's kid growing up in a church setting, I observed that the church must make it a point to receive well the members' stewardship. Church leaders need to remind themselves to receive the gifts of the members with an attitude of humility. Because they are convinced of the worthiness of their church 's cause and the biblical mandate for its members' involvement, leaders can fall into the trap of believing they deserve the help. They must remember that they rely on God who satisfies their need through others, many of whom give sacrificially. Pastors and deacons must make it a point to thank church members. Church members are serving God; most do not seek~ Butthq. ~ Torch 11