Torch, Spring 1994

12 Torch eward or e1ving Well My wife and I found that fulfilling these steps to receiving well took time. However one fulfills them, it is important to recognize them as God– honoring. That is the motivation for receiving well. Just as our motive for giving should not be to gain greater blessing, neither should we receive well solely because we will benefit in a greater way. Yet in Matthew 25, I find that when we properly receive others' time, talents, resources, and money– when we receive their offering • humbly, express our gratitude, them by fulfilling their desire, give a report-we can see a To two of his servants, the responded, "Well done; you been faithful in a few things; put you in charge of many Giving and receiving go hand hand. Just as God bestows blessing on those who honor giving well, so those who r well will be given the privile receiving more. as senior ann fund officer In Development Division of Cedarville He isa 1984 Cedarville graduate.