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Best-selling Author
Eric Metaxas Speaks
in Staley Lecture Series
Cedarville welcomed BreakPoint radio
host and best-selling author EricMetaxas to
campus March 14, 2013, as part of the Staley
Lecture Series. Since 1977, the series has
brought renowned speakers from around
the world to present biblically based lectures
that reach the hearts andminds of Christian
college students.
Metaxas’ chapel remarks were followed
by lunch with students in Pi Sigma Alpha, a
political science honors organization. That
evening, he gave an open lecture about
his 2010 book,
Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr,
Prophet, Spy
. A
New York Times
was named Book of the Year
by the Evangelical Christian Publishers
Association and appeared on numerous
2010 “Best of the Year” lists.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German
theologian and pastor who risked his life
to defend religious freedom in Germany
leading up to World War II. He spoke out
against the Jewish Holocaust and became
part of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He
was arrested in 1943 and executed in a Nazi
concentration camp just 23 days before the
Germans surrendered.
Dr. Steven Winteregg, Associate
Academic Vice President and Dean of
the College of Arts and Sciences, led
the committee that invited Metaxas to
Cedarville. As he read
realized that the book’s underlying message
about religious freedom would find an
audience at Cedarville.
“When confronted with the dark reality
of the Holocaust, people ask, ‘How could
the Germans allow that to happen?’”
said Winteregg. “Bonhoeffer’s story is
compelling today because it speaks to the
erosion of religious freedoms we are seeing
in our country. We could see the day in our
country where Christian organizations,
including Cedarville, would have to give
up tax-free status in order to stand for
our beliefs.”
Kary Straw ’13, a Pi Sigma Alpha
member, attended the luncheon with
Metaxas. “Bonhoeffer saw the importance of
surrendering everything to God, including
Him in everything you do,” she said. “As
Eric Metaxas spoke about following God
in his life, church, and career, I could see
that Bonhoeffer’s story has changed his life.”
Metaxas is the voice of BreakPoint, a
radio commentary that reaches an audience
of eight million. He has previously written
for VeggieTales, Chuck Colson, and
New York Times
and has written numerous
biographies, children’s books, and works on
popular apologetics.
Cedarville welcomed nearly 650 new alumni at the 117th
commencement ceremony on May 4, 2013. Dr. Bill Brown concluded his yearlong chapel
theme of “Living the Christ-Centered Life” by charging the graduates to continue living
and sharing the Gospel.
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