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I am incredibly thankful to God for the
exciting opportunity to lead Cedarville
University. I will spend a great deal of time early
on developing relationships with the trustees,
faculty, staff, students, alumni, and partners in
ministry that make up the Cedarville family.
As I begin, I wanted to share some of what you
can expect in the future.
Cedarville and I are kindred spirits, and
my administration will emulate many of the
strengths of its notable past leaders. I will seek
to continue James T. Jeremiah’s missionary
zeal, Paul Dixon’s administrative ingenuity,
and William Brown’s love for students.
I plan to combine my Southern Baptist
Convention relationships with existing
Cedarville partnerships and work hard to
develop new relationships with conservative
evangelical churches and organizations,
establishing a broad base of support for
Cedarville University.
I will continue the Cedarville distinctives
of the required Bible minor and chapel
attendance for all undergraduate degrees. A
biblical worldviewwill continue to guide every
degree and every class. We will maintain a high
academic standard, not just for knowledge’s
sake but so we may love God with all of our
minds and follow Him with all of our hearts.
Cedarville will be known for “scholarship on
fire” as we embody academic excellence set
ablaze by Great Commission passion.
Cedarville’s doctrinal core will not change
as I enthusiastically support and will defend
the doctrinal statement. While we will remain
theologically conservative, we will not drift
toward legalismwith the addition of new rules.
I will, however, bring my own personality
to some areas like chapel and the School of
Biblical and Ministry Studies. Chapel will
be marked by thoroughly biblical messages
— text-driven with practical application for
today. I will strengthen the School of Biblical
and Ministry Studies with the goal of having
the finest theologically conservative faculty at
any university in the world and a curriculum
that prepares students spiritually for whatever
God may call them to do.
I want every student joining professors
and staff members on at least one mission
trip during his or her time at Cedarville as we
equip students with knowledge for a brighter
future, virtues for a godly life, and a
desire to impact eternity. Cedarville
will continue to “inspire greatness”
in undergraduate students and “add
mission” to graduate students.
I will lead Cedarville
down the familiar path of
standing faithfully for the
Word of God and the
testimony of Jesus Christ.
Please pray that God will
give me wisdom and that
He will bless our efforts
at Cedarville University.
Until He comes,
Thomas White, Ph.D.
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