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The Food Issue ...
It’s summertime! And our thoughts turn to backyard barbeques and picnics at the park, vegetable gardens and
farm markets. It’s not just the bold colors and textures of summertime foods that capture us, but also the words
we use to describe them: fresh, ripe, juicy, crisp, organic. Summer is an exciting food season. And because this is
a time of year when we tend to be more active, spending more time outdoors, we are more intentional about how
we fuel, restore, and steward our bodies.
In this issue of
Cedarville Magazine
, we provide a variety of perspectives and resources to help us consider and
even change how we think about food and how we use it, either for our health or for our undoing. Ultimately, we
want to be able to ask God to “bless this food to our bodies and our bodies to His service” and mean it.
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