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Campus News
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies
Dr. Mark Gathany, Assistant Professor
of Biology
Au Sable is a Christian institute of
environmental studies with campuses in
Michigan, Washington, India, and Costa Rica.
Its mission is to bring both the Christian
community and the public at large to a
deeper understanding of the Creator and
the best means to steward His creation.
Because Cedarville is a sustaining partner
of the Institute, qualified Cedarville
students receive preferred entrance to the
summer program.
Students choose from 24 field courses
including aquatic/marine biology, animal
ecology, land resources, environmental
chemistry, ecological agriculture,
watershed stewardship, and more.
This summer, Dr. Mark Gathany, Assistant
Professor of Biology, is teaching Applied
Geographic Information Systems, a course
that teaches students to use mapping
software and Global Positioning System
data to research land use planning, land
management, and water issues.
“Active care of God’s creation came alive to
me last summer. I specifically developed a
love of vertebrates in both marine and aquatic
environments, and I have consequently
applied for graduate programs studying
these creatures. I was unsure how God could
use me in my major; now I am firmly convinced
that my time at Au Sable and at Cedarville
prepared me for a life of environmental
Christian Hayes ’13
B.S., Environmental Science
OneVoice Sings at D.C. Immigration Rally
Nearly 50 students and several staff
in Cedarville’s OneVoice Gospel Choir
traveled to Washington, D.C., to lead
worship at the Evangelical Day of Prayer
and Action for Immigration Reform.
The April 17, 2013, event, hosted by the
Evangelical Immigration Table, drew
numerous pastors and national evangelical
groups — including World Relief, The
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
of the Southern Baptist Convention, and
the National Hispanic Christian Leadership
Conference — in support of bipartisan and
comprehensive immigration reform.
The event occurred days before Senate
hearings beganon an 844-page bill called the
“Border Security, Economic Opportunity,
and Immigration Modernization Act of
2013.” OneVoice led worship at a morning
gathering before event participants,
including Cedarville students, attended
afternoon meetings with their state
representatives. According to Justin Spann,
Director of Multicultural Enrollment and
OneVoice, the goal of these meetings was to
reinforce the need for immigration reform
and urge bipartisan cooperation rather than
swaying lawmakers to a particular point of
view on the issue.
Spannmet withCongresswomanMarcia
Fudge’s Chief Legislative Aide. Fudge is a
representative for Spann’s Cleveland, Ohio,
hometown and Chair of the Congressional
Black Caucus. “Her aide assured me that
immigration is one of the top issues in her
caucus,” said Spann. “It was an interesting
conversation because I hadn’t thought
about immigration as such a high priority
among African-American issues.”
The day concluded with a time of
prayer and worship at the Church of
the Reformation, just two blocks from
the Capitol. Spann, along with Sandra
Van Opstal from InterVarsity’s Urbana
Missions Conference, organized a time of
multicultural worship featuring songs in
English, French, and Spanish.
“The concert was a powerful outpouring
of love, faith, and prayer,” said OneVoice
member Layna Lange ’14. “It was wonderful
to worship our Father God with many
cultures and tongues.”
“It was eye-opening to be part of this
unique event,” said Spann. “It wasn’t about
Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.
We don’t agree on everything, but this
group of people came together on what we
do agree on: keeping Jesus as the focus as
we seek a God-honoring solution to the
immigration issue.”
Victory in Worship,
OneVoice Gospel
Choir’s upcoming two-disc album, will be
released this fall and will feature two hours
of praise and worship, gospel, and original
music. Watch for albumupdates on Facebook
and Twitter.
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