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spring/summer 2015

I thought last winter was cold! More than

one-third of our alumni live in Ohio, so I

know they felt it, but our friends in the

Northeast were hit several times with snow,

ice, and subzero temperatures. And I just

read that Ohio’s February was one of the

five-coldest in recorded history. How many

times this winter did you say, “I just want to

be warm”?

Don’t you wish you had joined the

Cedarville Friends for Life Cruise to the

Caribbean? Due to a family emergency, my

wife and I were unable to attend at the last

minute. But the 110 who did had a great time

together. There was a fun group of young, old,

single, and married alumni, and everyone

had a great time. Believe it or not, we are

already planning our Friends for Life Cruise

for 2017. So, when you hear about it, remember

February 2015 and make the decision to come

with us. Give us a call to learn more!

I am excited about some changes in

Alumni Relations that are allowing me to be

on the road a little more, interacting face-to-

face with you, our alumni. I always enjoy the

opportunity to share with alumni how God

is blessing Cedarville and introduce them to

our students or share more about our programs.

So, look for me in your area!

I want to keep you more personally

connected. Whether that is through social

media or meeting you in person, we want to

make sure you feel involved at Cedarville. I

know that you can’t all make it to campus,

and I can’t get out to see every one of you,

but LinkedIn and Facebook are two great

ways to also stay connected. We have

Cedarville Alumni Association groups on

both — LinkedIn with 2,478 members and

Facebook with 6,337 “likes” — and are

using| these and other social media platforms

to get information out to you, as well as seeing

alumni get reconnected with friends.

We are also excited to be merging

Parent and Family Weekend this fall with

our annual homecoming! On October 2–3,

we will have hundreds of alumni and their

families join together with parents and

grandparents of current students for one big

celebration. If you are an alumnus and a

parent of a current student, you have even

more reason to come “home” and join us

this year.

It is always a joy for me and the alumni

staff to serve our alumni. Please contact us at

1-888-CEDARVILLE if there is something

we can do for you.

Office of Philanthropic


Director of Alumni and Parent


Jeff Beste ‘87

Alumni Relations and

Annual Giving

Director of Alumni Relations and Annual


Stephanie (Cleek) Carroll ‘10

Parent and Volunteer Programming


Rita (Heaton) Geiss ‘12

Communication and Donor Acquisition


Dane Barnett ‘14

Alumni Council


Geoffrey Walker ‘82

Vice President

Tisha (Tapp) Smith ‘01


Alison (Kearney) Clemans ‘10


Nick Awabdy ’94

Shawn Brennan ‘99

Dave Dykema ’91

Todd Fogle ‘92

Lori Greenawalt ‘84

Sandi (Welch) Harner ‘64

Sarah Johnson ‘07

Laura Keeley ’13

Philip Kirby ‘05

Amy (Dennis) Lett ‘09

Jeff Reep ‘78

Latice (Strickland) Spann ’07

Jeff Summerlin ‘83

Keven Waiters ‘78